Reminder: Healthy Snack Stand

September 10, 2017

This Monday, we will be having our first Healthy Snack Stand of the year. As healthy snack options on campus tend to be expensive, students often compromise by selecting caloric dense/less nutrient dense foods (such as with Hot Cheetos and chocolate bars). Our goal with our stands is to provide students with affordable options and to present the idea that healthy choices can be made despite being on a budget. The snacks offered will vary from fresh fruits to granola bars and many more.


In addition, we will have a donation box set up for our campus' food pantry, a resource that many food insecure students utilize. Acceptable donations include:

  • Healthy Snacks (granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, nut butters)

  • Canned Items (vegetables, fruit)

  • Meals in a Can (soup, stew, chili)

  • Dry Items (cereal, pasta, rice, crackers, granola, cake mix, pancake mix)

  • Cooking Oil


We will be located beside the bookstore on the main walkway side. Come through and support ! We guarantee to making your tummies and wallets happy !


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