Last Week's Recap (Last Healthy Snack Stand of Semester and End of the Semester Potluck)

This past Monday, we held our 4th and final Healthy Snack Stand for the semester. This project of our's, with the intent to be change agents within the CSULA community, was a success. The stands also contributed significantly to the food pantry through the presence of donation boxes and us informing of the existence of the food pantry and their openness in accepting donations. Our active members putting in great work out there!

The following day, Tuesday, we held our final meeting of the semester. It was simply a gathering to chill, share food (there were lots of leftovers, so note to self to bring to-go containers next time), and engage in a friendly competition of nutrition trivia. We also recognized our members of the semester, who were outstanding in participating and supporting SDA's events and activities throughout the fall. We'll be featuring them within the upcoming month or so:

1st Place - Funmi Salami (62 points)

2nd Place - Amy Nguyen (57 points)

3rd Place - Rachel Gaerlan (40 points)

4th Place - Erika Giroux (34 points)

Thank you all to such a wonderful semester. Good luck in your finals and looking forward to seeing your support again at Spring!