Reminder: Golden Eagle Pride 3K

Tomorrow, February 13, is the Golden Eagle Pride 3K. To register, go to the University Student Union room 204 and donate 4 non-perishable food items. Your donation will benefit the University's Food Pantry and our peers who are food insecure. On top of that, you will be receiving a free t-shirt (golden eagle event t-shirt), big, and a meal ticket.

There are 5 possible points for this event (for Member of the Semester):

Donating 4 cans (required for registration) = 1 point

Event participation = 3 points

Wearing SDA shirt at event= 1 point

We will be under the team name "SDA." Look for us at the front of the USU before the start of the event to get your points and for a group photo. See y'all there !

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